We are MIL-I45208A compliant and ISO-9001:2008 certified. The FAA has previously approved us as a repair work facility. Our existing Quality Management system is a near identical fit for AS9100 quality management. Aerospace has been a banner industry for us, with our aerospace customer base dating back to the creation of our company.

We have worked on:

  • Components for Military Aircraft
  • Plane Parts
  • Helicopter Parts
  • Drone Parts
  • Components for Spacecraft
  • Federal Aviation Authority testing facility instruments
  • Container Systems for air-borne payloads
  • Components for tourism aircraft
  • Optics mounting hardware
  • Optics Housings
  • Step Components for Egress/Regress

We have also been a sub-tier contractor for nearly every major aerospace company, a Prime Vendor for British Aerospace, and a Prime Vendor for several minor Aerospace affiliated companies.

If you’re looking for a reliable parts manufacturing partner, 3J has the experience and proven results that make us the right choice.

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