Machining & Manufacturing Experts

Though we can custom-manufacture almost anything, we have extensive experience serving and manufacturing for a variety of industries. Some examples of industries we manufacture for every day are below.

Transportation Manufacturing

We manufacture a wide variety of train industry parts from rail assemblies to signal arm components. We also do custom manufacturing for motorcycles, bicycles, and more.

Oil & Gas Manufacturing

We are API-6A and API Q1 certified.  We have been manufacturing oil and gas equipment since 2009.

Gun Part Manufacturing

Our team has years of experience machining gun components as well as a variety of accessories throughout the gun part spectrum.

Bicycle Component Manufacturing

We have been making bicycle parts for the better part of a decade. We are supply chain preferred by several international bicycle component manufacturers.

Medical Device Manufacturing

We have experience manufacturing very small and precise parts for medical applications, as well as complex physical therapy equipment.

Aerospace Manufacturing

We are MIL-I45208A compliant and ISO-9001:2008 certified and have experience on a variety of aerospace projects. The FAA has approved us as a repair work facility.

Food & Beverage Manufacturing

We have experience manufacturing custom parts for a wide range of food and beverage businesses. We have worked on everything from rapid coffee brewers to mix tank production lines.

Military & Defense Manufacturing

Our military customer base dates back to the creation of our company. We have worked on everything from firearms to restraint systems and more.

Horseshoe Manufacturing

We are manufacturers of a variety of high-end aluminum horseshoes. We specialize in performance horseshoes.